"Jean's ability to immediately engage her audience is truly remarkable. Her immeasurable energy, knowledge and experience in the area of violence prevention captivated our staff throughout the entire presentation. Her appropriate use of humor - an invaluable piece she brings to an otherwise intense and serious subject matter. Some comments I heard following the training were: 'Best training I've ever been to.', 'She was awesome.', 'I enjoyed her so much.', 'When can we have Jean come back again?'"

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Nearly 25 years ago Jean Haertl began serving as one of the country's first domestic and workplace violence advocates. Serving in both the public and private sectors, Jean is a leader and innovator in the prevention of domestic violence, bullying, workplace violence and discriminatory harassment. As the Director of Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence Prevention for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for more than a decade, Jean developed and integrated programs and polices for numerous state agencies and universities including Harvard University.

Harassment, Violence and Bullying

As the founder of the Commonwealth's first public sector program targeting violence in the workplace, Jean co-drafted Governor Paul Cellucci's and Deval Patrick's Executive Orders and state policies focusing on the elimination of domestic and workplace violence. As Director, Jean also led high level, discreet investigations into top officials accused of harassment, violence, and bullying. She also created and conducted extensive, agency-wide training for more than 45,000 Executive Branch managers and employees. With more than 24 years of developing and delivering training to public, private and municipal employers, Jean has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional, dynamic training to the most challenging audiences.

Serving as an advocate with police, prosecutors, and other public safety agencies, Jean counseled more 3,000 victims and offenders. She continues to pioneer national non-profit organizations and shelter programs for victims. She has served as the Executive Director to the Support Committee for Battered Women in Waltham, a non-profit domestic violence legal advocacy, shelter and outreach program. She also served as the first Director of Employers Against Domestic Violence, the state's first non-profits to address domestic violence in the workplace. Most recently, she has served as the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development for MassDevelopment, a quasi-public agency with offices across the state. With on-site visits to businesses, universities, and government agencies, Jean helps implement specialized programs and polices designed to increase workplace morale, harmony, and ultimately productivity.

Dynamic Training

With over two decades of developing and delivering on-site training to public, private and government employers and employees, Jean has earned an exceptional reputation for delivering dynamic training to today's challenging and multifaceted workforce. Jean is an honors graduate of Wellesley College and has completed the entire series of certified training targeting discriminatory harassment, investigations and reasonable accommodations from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. She is a certified Batterer Intervention Counselor through EMERGE in Cambridge and also certified to deliver the Myers Briggs Type Indictor.

Contact Jean to schedule a personal consultation on how her programs and policies can help your business, agency, or university implement proven strategies that help make workplace violence, bullying, and discriminatory harassment history.