"Jean's ability to immediately engage her audience is truly remarkable. Her immeasurable energy, knowledge and experience in the area of violence prevention captivated our staff throughout the entire presentation. Her appropriate use of humor - an invaluable piece she brings to an otherwise intense and serious subject matter. Some comments I heard following the training were: 'Best training I've ever been to.', 'She was awesome.', 'I enjoyed her so much.', 'When can we have Jean come back again?'"

Jennifer Flores,
Director of Human Resources



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Jean Haertl Photo by Sydney Rendell



Child & Family Services, Inc.

"Jean's training on bullying was amazing, eye-opening and engaging. She was able to deliver sensitive information in a way that everyone was riveted and respectful."

Linda Silva, Human Resources Director, Malden Housing Authority


"Jean's experience, passion and commitment to violence prevention are enthusiastically exhibited in all of her presentations. I am proud to collaborate with her to help anyone, including businesses and communities, establish protocols, programs and training focusing on prevention."

Gerry T. Leone, Middlesex District Attorney, MA


"Jean is a gifted trainer who is able to not only adept at delivering dynamic and engaging training on violence recognition and intervention, but she provides participants with hands-on strategies and tools they can use with real life cases. Her years of experience in the field have enabled her to implement strategies that will ensure uneventful resolves to very concerning situations. This, coupled with her commitment to collaborate with proven experts in the field makes Jean a very valuable resource to any organization."

Keith Jones, Director, Corporate Security, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. Cambridge, MA

"Jean Haertl delivers spot on professional training in difficult but essential topics that impact every employee in the workplace. Through trainings to the Malden Fire Department, city managers and employees, and specialized coaching and consultation to management, we were able to effectively implement violence and discrimination prevention initiatives. Jean has a keen sense of how to engage the participants and the ability to convey a strong message, keep everyone focused and provide the tools needed to address critical workplace issues such as violence and sexual harassment to every level of employment."

Eleanor Cushing, Director of Human Resources, City of Malden, MA


"Jean served as Director of the Governor's Commission on Domestic Violence during my tenure as Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Paul Cellucci. Jean worked closely with me and the Governor and provided invaluable assistance in setting the Commonwealth's policies, funding and training priorities. Jean's expertise, guidance and vision were instrumental in the issuance of the Commonwealth's first Executive Order on Domestic Violence in the Workplace. Jean is the best at what she does and would be an asset to any organization."

Leonard L. Lewin, President & General Counsel, Athena Capital Advisors LLC